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Stockport Photographer Graham Ella

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I've had an interest in photography since leaving school in 1988, due to the fact my first job was in a small camera shop. I worked for various photographic companies, Wildings, Crewe Camera Exchange after that and was a Store Manager for Jessops for many years.

In early 2007 I decided that retail was no longer for me, so after months of planning, with a fellow photographer we set up Vivid Photo Visual. a Commercial Photography & Video Production Company, based in Manchester. We specialise in Training, Induction, Company Profile, Web Videos etc, as well as product videos and photography. We recently moved from our office near the airport to a larger office, with studio space in Stockport.

From a young age I've always enjoyed finding and looking at British Wildlife, from Beetles to Eagles but it is only in the last few years that I have tried to photograph them. Over the years I've used many different cameras (the temptation of the job!) but have settled on the Canon EOS system, initially film but now Digital. I use lenses from 17mm to 500mm, all of which are Canon's own.


Wildlife photography is my hobby and I'm building up my portfolio of species slowly, but I'd like to think each species added is of a reasonably high standard. There are so many new subjects that I'd love to photograph, so it should keep me entertained for a long time.   Although bird photography is my favorite passion, it's sometimes difficult to find the time needed to scout locations and set up a hide. I think 2011 is going to be more Butterflies and Dragonflies, I really enjoy just getting out with my monopod and 180mm macro and seeing what I can find.

I've met so many great people through photography, from customers at work to fellow photographers many who are now friends, so I think it only right to list a few links to some of their websites, if I've missed you off the list then you're not a mate...only kidding, it means my ageing brain has forgotten.

http://www.vividphotovisual.com    Got to plug my own company, would be rude not too!!

www.pjjonesphotography.com   My Wildlife photography partner in crime, a great mate, check out his new site, I'm sure he's copied some of my photo's msn smileys

www.stockportps.org.uk I'm a member of Stockport Photographic Society, good bunch of people. Would recommend anyone popping down and joining in, Tuesday nights at St George's Church Rooms, Stockport SK2 6NU.

www.manox.net  Sebastian Matthes's website, I worked with Seb and I reckon he's going to make it big as a Music photographer, and promoter check his site out. Top guy!

www.bbpix.co.uk  Neil, a rival Portrait and Wedding Photographer, but he's a friend of mine so I don't mind giving him a plug.

Thanks for looking


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